Leadership Challenge for Men

Men Stopping Violence in Atlanta and A Call to Men in New York are two of several organizations actively working to engage men in ending violence against women.

Men Stopping Violence is a social change organization dedicated to ending men’s violence against women. Men Stopping Violence works locally, nationally, and internationally to dismantle belief systems, social structures, and institutional practices that oppress women and children and dehumanize men themselves. MSV looks to the violence against women’s movement to keep the reality of the problem and the vision of the solution before us. MSV believes that all forms of oppression are interconnected. Social justice work in the areas of race, class, gender, age, and sexual orientation are all critical to ending violence against women.

Through seminars, workshops and other educational vehicles, A Call to Men challenges men to reconsider their long held beliefs about women, in an effort to create a more just society. They achieve this by encouraging change in the behaviors of men through a re-education and training process that challenges sexism.

By strategizing with colleges, corporations, government agencies, non-profit and grassroots organizations across the United States, these men help to organize communities in order to raise awareness and get men involved in ending men’s violence against women. Our vision is to shift social norms that define manhood in our culture, and produce a national movement of men committed to ending violence against women.

Core principles that inform the work of these efforts include:

  • Women’s voices must be central.
  • Race matters.
  • Intersectionality matters.
  • Community accountability is key.
  • Organizing men takes precedence over intervening with batterers.
  • “We” are also the work.
  • Patriarchal violence must be addresses.

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