Volunteer with your local domestic violence program. They can give you more specific details about their volunteer engagement program. 

Your local community providers (Licensed Domestic Violence Programs) offer direct intervention “one-on-one” with survivors, personal empowerment of survivors to live violence free and make choices for their own safety, community-based advocacy, court advocacy, community education and training.

Learn how to support domestic violence survivors in your life and your community.

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Our office doesn’t currently have volunteer opportunities, but we hope you’ll support our work in other ways. WVCADV provides

  • Statewide education and public awareness.
  • Trainings for local DV program workers and others involved in DV work.
  • Statewide public policy advocacy that impacts survivors.
  • Social change efforts to address societal beliefs and actions that lead to abuse and oppression.
  • Systems advocacy to work with professionals responding to survivors.