WV Domestic Violence Snapshot 2014

On September 10, 2014, 14 out of 14 identified domestic violence programs in West Virginia–100%–participated  in a national count of domestic violence services conducted by the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). The following figures represent the information shared by West Virginia for the 24-hour survey period.

This is just one day.

Hotline Calls Received
Victims Served
Unmet Requests

The unmet requests were due to a lack of funds. The most frequently-needed service that couldn’t be provided was legal representation, followed by housing. Across West Virginia that year, 20 individual services at local programs were reduced or eliminated. 21% of programs reported government funding cuts. 21% of programs reported staffing cuts or reductions. 14% of programs reported reductions in private funding. 7% of programs reported fewer individual donations.

Across West Virginia, 16 staff positions were eliminated that year. Most of these positions were direct services (83%), such as shelter or legal advocates, so there were fewer advocates to answer calls for help.

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Why Domestic Violence Organizations in West Virginia Need your Support

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People in Need

“Domestic violence organizations are crucial. We need effective funding and pay to keep assisting people in need. Our organization matters, and so do the people we help every day.”

People who Survive

“One survivor that received services today is one step closer to obtaining affordable housing for herself and her three children. This particular
survivor is an immigrant who has a language barrier. Because of the services she’s receiving, she’ll become more self-sufficient when she exits the shelter to be on her own.”

People who Serve

Community education is essential to raising awareness about domestic violence and the resources that are available to victims. “On the survey day, 82 individuals in communities across West Virginia attended 5 training sessions provided by local domestic violence programs, gaining much-needed information on domestic violence prevention and early intervention.”