West Virginia Domestic Violence Snapshot

On September 7, 2022, 14 out of 14 identified domestic violence programs in West Virginia–100%–participated  in a national count of domestic violence services conducted by the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). The following figures represent the information shared by West Virginia for the 24-hour survey period.

Hotline Calls Received
Victims Served
Unmet Requests

The 8 unmet requests were due to a lack of funds. Donate today, in the name of someone you love, and help people who deserve better.

Why Domestic Violence Organizations in West Virginia Need your Support

Help us build a safer state of family in the Mountain State.

People in Need

“Domestic violence organizations are crucial. We need effective funding and pay to keep assisting people in need. Our organization matters, and so do the people we help every day.”

People who Survive

“One survivor had received 20 years’ worth of services from our agency and trusted us to help with the process of getting a housing voucher in a new state. With information we provided, her new housing coordinator was able to place her in safe, temporary housing, making the experience of fleeing domestic violence and homelessness a bit easier for the survivor.”

People who Serve

“COVID-19 continues to be an issue for our organization. Outbreaks in our shelter, increased costs for things like hotels, and staff having to cover for each other has led to burnout and, ultimately, turnover. Our work is hard and COVID has just made it harder.”